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Auahi Aiu

Business Management

Marketing Concentration

Class of 2023

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I am pursuing a business management degree with a concentration in marketing at Brigham Young University–Hawaii (BYUH). I have created my own business, Auahi LLC, a retail company based in the beautiful island of Oahu. My business sells blue light glasses to students, faculty, families, etc. 

I have certifications in digital marketing. I also have had the opportunity to develop my marketing skills by working with Sherwin-Williams, Pounders Restaurant, and the BYUH Ho'okele Department. This gives a variety of experience working with various companies. Concurrently with my degree, I am improving my photography and videography skills. Doing all of these things allows me to keep my options open as well as hone my skills in marketing.


Au'ahi has been my Teaching Assistant for 2 years. Beyond being excellent with the normal responsibilities of grading assignments and following through with student issues, he has also been a career mentor for my experiential learning project internship teams. This has required him to work with, encourage and instruct the internship teams on how to create engagement negotiations and agreements as well as put together work plans and action registers and gant charts. He has followed the teams progress throughout the semester and kept me informed as to their issues and successes. Au'ahi has excelled at facilitating processes well beyond his experiences as a college student.
I think Auahi is one of the most dedicated and honest coworkers I've had the privilege of working with. He is deeply committed to all the tasks I've seen him tackle. He doesn't compromise on quality or on his values, ensuring that he gives his full effort to all that he does. He is also very adaptable and a quick learner. He is quick to ask for help when he sees that he needs it and I've helped him learn things while on the job that he has picked up extremely quickly. I've seen him find the most efficient way to do things without compromising the quality of his work. I would highly recommend him, his dedication, efficiency, communications skills, and overall pleasant attitude make him a very desirable employee.
Auahi is one of the hardest working people I know. he gets work done but will always make time for others and help them feel included. He is a great leader and teacher yet he is always eager to see what he can learn from you. He takes the things that he learns and applies it to every aspect of his life. He has even used his knowledge to create a small business. I have seen him manage a variety of tasks at once making sure he doesn't let anything slide. He is dedicated, talented, hard-working, skillful and so much more, but most importantly his positive demeanor and magnetic personality make him a great candidate for a coworker and employee.

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Quick Intro to Auahi LLC

This is a short introduction to what I do with my business.

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